BuckBass.com ICE FISHING REPORT 12/22/16
Gills - Reports of large numbers of Gills have been prevalent on most lakes where anglers have found stable ice. Tungsten Jigs tipped with waxworms have been a popular technique. Spikes and Red Spikes have been used when fish have been finicky in order to entice bites 
 Crappie- Crappie reports have been limited with best reports coming from Pontiac Lake, Long Lake, & Cass Lake among other private lakes. Anglers with large numbers have reported jigging minnows & drilling lots of holes to stay on fish.
Walleye- No large numbers have been reported; however, the rare keeper walleye have been pulled in Crescent Lake, & Cass Lake, along with other private lakes in the area. Early morning has been when most anglers have seen bites while using Tip-ups baited with Blues.
Perch- Limited numbers have been reported on local lakes with most caught while targeting other species. Jigging Black or Gold Jigs tipped with Perch or Blues have been most effective. Although some have reported small numbers using jigs tipped with waxworms or spikes. 
Pike: Few have ventured out with spears; however, those who have are reporting success with larger decoys averaging 10+ inches in length. Tip-ups baited with Suckers, Goldies, and/or Blues have all reported good numbers of keepers on most lakes. Dead bait and frozen suckers on tip-ups have also produced larger Northerns.
Few Anglers have ventured onto the shore ice in select areas to target perch. Anglers are advised to use extreme caution when traveling onto the shore ice. Waders are suggested to avoid getting wet if fall through into the shallow water.
Hard water anglers have targeted canals & marinas with reports of healthy numbers of Perch. Few anglers have reported going out a few hundred yards from shore; however, with recent weather patterns ice levels are unpredictable into the weekend. 
Anglers have been tight lipped about success or low numbers of Steelhead are being caught. Flat Rock saw the occasional Steely, with most hits coming in the early afternoon on white jigs. 
The occasional Steelhead was caught by Fly Fisherman by Yates Cider Mill. Cast fisherman were less frequent with most being caught mid afternoon. Anglers were tight lipped about colors and flies that were bringing success.


BuckBass.com ICE REPORT 12/20/2016
OAKLAND COUNTY LAKES: Anglers have been venturing out on shallower lakes such as Long Lake & Pontiac Lake since Thursday of last week. 5-6" of ice are being reported in most spots; however, angers are advised to use caution when traveling across the ice. The recent streak of cold weather has also brought reports of anglers getting out on Lotus, Lake Oakland, Crescent, Williams Lake, Otter Lake, Sylvan Lake, White Lake, & Walled Lake among others. All reporting variable Ice between 3-5". Deeper bodies of water such as Maceday, Elizabeth, Union, & Cass Lake are still bringing in reports of open water with some anglers able to venture out only in shallow bays and canals where ice is stable.
No reports of heavy machines on the ice have been reported.
ST CLAIR: Marinas and canals are beginning to see an influx of angers with some anglers braving out farther from shore. Anglers are advised to use extreme caution when venturing away from the marinas and canals where ice thickness is variable.

Ice Fishing Safety Tips: http://www.michigan.gov/…/0,4570,7-153-10364_52261_63242-16…

BuckBass.com ICE REPORT 12/28/16
OAKLAND COUNTY: Rain & warmer weather created a sloppy start to the week. Anglers were still able to spend the holiday out on the hard water; however, conditions on lakes moving into Monday became unstable. Cooler days into the middle of the week, proceeded by colder nights, have stabilized ice conditions creating much slippery conditions on the ice. Pontiac has been bringing in stable ice all week, with most recent reports of 6-7" of good ice. Long Lake, Crecent Lake, Cass Lake at Dodge Park, Union, & other various private lakes have all seen anglers during the week; all with reports of areas with stable ice. Most anglers have been sticking closer to the shallower bays, marinas, and canals with little reports of hard water anglers making it out into deeper water. 
 Anglers are advised to use caution when traveling across the ice. Ice cleats are recommended for traction as all anglers who have ventured out have brought in reports of slippery conditions. Ice Picks & Spuds have also been heavily recommended by anglers who've ventured on the ice. Colder weather throughout the week has a lot of anglers anxious for the weekend, where most lakes are likely to see an influx of ice anglers.

BuckBass.com - Best Chances in Oakland County, by species, on lakes with public access. Winter 2016/2017:

WALLEYE: Cass Lake, Kent Lake, Long Lake in Commerce, Pontiac Lake, Stony Creek Lake, Union Lake, & White Lake
BLUE GILL: Alderman Lake, Cass Lake, Cedar Island Lake, Clear Lake, Crescent Lake, Crooked Lake, Deer Lake, Graham Lake East/West, Kent Lake, Lake Oakland, Lake Sixteen, Long Lake in Oxford, Loon Lake, Lotus Lake, Lower Pettibone Lake, Maceday Lake, Mickelson Lake, Orchard Lake, Otter Lake, Pickerel Lake, Pontiac Lake, Proud Lake Upper/Lower, Silver Lake, Squaw Lake, Sylvan Lake, Tan Lake, Union Lake, & Woodhull Lake.
BLACK CRAPPIE: Cass Lake, Clear Lake, Lake Oakland, Lake Orion, Lakeville Lake, Long Lake in Commerce & Oxford, Loon Lake, Maceday Lake, Mickelson Lake, Squaw Lake, Stony Creek Lake, Sylvan Lake, Tan Lake, & White Lake
YELLOW PERCH: Alderman Lake, Cass Lake, Lotus Lake, Lower Pettibone Lake, & Union Lake
NORTHERN PIKE: Buhl Lake, Cass Lake, Deer Lake, Kent Lake, Lake Oakland, Lake Orion, Lakeville Lake, Long Lake in Commerce, Middle Straights Lake, Orchard Lake, Pontiac Lake, Silver Lake, Stony Creek Lake, White Lake, & Woodhull Lake
REDEAR SUNFISH: Long Lake in Commerce & Union Lake
PUMPKINSEED SUNFISH: Cass Lake, Lake Orion, Lakeville Lake, & White Lake
SPLAKE/RAINBOW TROUT/BROWN TROUT: Maceday Lake, Clinton River above Yates, Huron River, & Paint Creek

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